About Us

Nutrient Incorporated is providing premium quality products to its customers. With a focus on holistic health and wellness, Nutrient Incorporated strives to help people achieve optimal vitality through its products.

Who We Are

We are critical thinkers.

We are question askers, problem solvers and solution developers.  We are the most stringent food purchasers you will meet.  We vote with our dollars and always choose quality over quantity.  We manifest change becuase we realize

"You are what you eat, eats"

How It Began

Nutrient Incorporated was founded in 2018 by a software engineer with a vision to improve wellness through ultra-clean, nutrient-dense food.

With a understanding of Epigenics and the critical role that nutrients play in maintaining health, he set out to employ methodologies based on the latest scientific research in Biodynamic Organic food cultivation.

Who We Serve

Nutrient Incorporated is creating solutions for individuals who seek to optimize their well-being through advanced nutrition.

Our products are designed for everyone: from busy professionals seeking to maintain their energy levels to athletes looking to enhance their performance to those looking to manage their weight or support their immune system.

At Nutrient Incorporated, we believe that everyone deserves access to optimum nutrition and we are proud to serve our customers in their pursuit of optimal health.